Paint Touch Up At Its Finest!

Ever since I can remember I have dreaded doing paint touch ups around the house.  I meet people all the time that share the same sentiment and their primary complaint is that paint touch up is time consuming and messy.  Most people dread having to go dig out the right paint can, a screw driver to open the paint can, a stir stick, a good brush and maybe some newspaper in case of a mess; And this is after you make sure you are in your old paint clothes!  This is especially frustrating when you have a lot of different colors in your house (like myself)!  I knew there had to be a better way.

Meet The BrushCup!  An air tight, paint touch up container with a built-in brush that is perfect for paint storage and paint touch ups.  Paint touch up has never been so easy!  Turn what once was a not so enjoyable chore into a super, simple 30-60 second task.  It couldn’t get any simpler; just give it a quick swirl or shake, flip the lid, unscrew the brush and start your paint touch up.

For larger areas or projects you can simply twist off the main lid of The BrushCup and use your own brush.  The BrushCup holds 20 ounces paint so it is perfect for both leftover quarts, gallons and 5 gallon paint cans.  No more holding on to those old, rusty, half-closed unattractive paint cans and no more having to go down in the basement to find the right ones!

So get yourself a BrushCup or two or three and start working smarter, not harder!  After all, time is one of our most precious assets so spend more of it doing important things, not paint touch ups.


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