The BrushCup Investment

Take The Hassle Out Of Paint Touch Ups

The BrushCup is offering a very unique and very limited time offer to purchase equity in our company. We have had many people ask about this in the past and we thought that this would be the perfect time given that we are looking to make some product design changes along with bolster our marketing efforts.

Below is a brief summary of how this program will work, how the capital will be invested and how the returns will work.

• There will be a very limited number of equity shares sold.
• Equity shares will be worth $1/share and will be purchased in blocks 5000.
• You will have the option to purchase multiple blocks of shares if you are interested in doing so.
• To purchase blocks of shares just select the number of share blocks you are interested in above and then complete the purchase.
• Once your order is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email summarizing your order details along with a certificate of the equity shares you now own.
• Returns on your investment will be paid out annually beginning on the day all equity shares are purchased which, will be announced to all investors via email.
• Returns of 10% of your initial investment, paid annually for 3 years is the goal we are aiming for although this is not guaranteed.
• After 3 years you can either choose to sell back your initial investment for the original investment purchase price or you will be given the opportunity to reinvest for another 3 years.