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The BrushCup Solution

The BrushCup Solution

Problem solved! You will never have to worry about messy, time consuming paint touch ups again! It's as easy as shake, open and brush. Done!

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  • Transfer your paint from the original can to your BrushCup

    Paint Pour

  • Add paint information and details on the back of your BrushCup

    Paint Details

  • Start your paint touch up. No messy clean up required!

    Paint Touch Up

A Revolution in Paint Touch Up

Paint Touch Up Made Simple!

The Quick, Easy, And Clean Paint Touch Up Container

The Brush Cup is a uniquely designed paint touch up container with a built-in brush that makes paint touch ups quick, easy, and clean. No more hunting for the necessary supplies to complete a simple paint touch up.

Paint touch up has never been so easy. The Brush Cup paint touch up container aims to take the hassle out of everyday paint touch ups inside the home or business. The Brush Cup paint touch up container makes paint touch ups a breeze. No more searching for the right paint can or tracking down a brush. And no messy clean up afterwards!  Just shake it, then brush – it is that easy!

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